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Aristocra Saganu




Ooooh Mr Saganu ooooh

Shit you can bag flirt with Saganu? WHY IS MY AGENT A DUDE OMG- oh yeah Watcher Two, fuck. BIOWARE MAKE ALL THE FLIRT OPTIONS BI IMMEDIATELY.

Well, you can if you’re a female Chiss…I honestly don’t know if other races have that option, as there’s a definite Chiss society thing at play here, but it’s wonderful.  And if Vector weren’t so Vector, my agent would have stayed single after Saganu.

I’m pretty sure you can romance him as a female of any race, but the holocall he sends after you depart Hoth may be reserved for his Chiss lovers?  I asked a friend of mine who plays a human agent to take all of the /flirt options with Saganu and let me know, but he refused to cheat on Vector for the sake of my curiosity (the jerk!).

Either way, the holocall made the romance for me.  Velkana would have pined forever if Vector hadn’t been — exactly like you said! — so Vector.  :)

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