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Aileuromania Woz 'Ere: 30 Days of SWTOR (Day 4)


Vector will always be there for the Agent, as long as he can be. I found that the one Sha’enra’tavas wanted to share her secrets with was the one she really couldn’t, not without having those secrets shared to the Killiks and Joiners, and therein lay so much tragedy.

Yes!  Exactly!

I’m really happy you said this, because it’s been on my mind too and I think it’s something that frequently gets glossed over in the character discussions and fanfiction.  As a companion to a spy, Vector doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense.  Don’t get me wrong: I love him!  He’s either my favorite or second character in the game, depending upon how recently I’ve reread Andronikos Revel’s love letters. 

But I don’t really understand why Keeper would enable Vector’s assignment to Cipher Nine.  It’s hard to be sneaky when your partner is mind-linked to an entire civilization.  Unless I’m overestimating Vector’s long-range telepathy (which is entirely possible), no matter where Cipher Nine is or what (s)he is doing, the entire Oroboro nest knows.  It seems to me it would be a huge liability, and is exactly why Velkana, at least, has kept so many secrets from Vector when what she really wants is to tell him everything (including, sadly, her name). 

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Sacrifices — a Vector drabble.

Just a short drabble (that may eventually evolve into more; I have ideas!) that I wrote in attempt to reconcile my feelings after Voss. 

Be warned: spoilers abound!

- -

Sunrise on Voss is a beautiful thing.

It starts with a subtle lightening of the eastern sky: from an umber so dark that it is almost brown, to a deep sienna slanted with hues of saffron and rust, and finally to the pale, glistening amber of pre-dawn.  Little by little, the sun’s distant rays breach the horizon, scattering motes of golden light like so many tiny skipping stones through the planet’s atmosphere, suffusing all that they touch — from the stark spires of Voss-Ka, to the red conifers scattered around the outskirts of the capitol settlement — in a warm, hazy glow.

The Dawn Herald doesn’t see it.

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Finally someone made a video of the alternate/”negative” dialogue options in Vector’s One People mission! Many thanks to ACloudCastle (CloudCastle on the forums) for recording this!

What Vector says starting at 1:01… excuse me while I scrape the mushy puddle that was once my heart off of the floor. ;_;








I couldn’t even watch the full video. I got to like maybe 1:00 before I was like, “Noooooope!” and closed it out. It’s not like that happened to my Vector; my agent loves her Vector very much despite sleeping with other guys, but it’s still so heart-wrenching. 

It’s not bad if you finish it!  I promise. 

I actually like this dialogue tree.  It’s not the one I chose, but I think the agent’s initial distrust and even anger (at being taken by surprise, if not at Vector himself) make sense, given all of the bizarre hallucinations she’s experienced.  Once she realizes what’s actually happening, she makes it up to him.  :)

I chose the human option, because my agent’s delighted little laugh upon seeing his eyes for the first time was the happiest I’ve seen her in… like, ever.  I imagined that Vector would be pretty pleased with himself for bringing her that rare burst of joy in the middle of all the *dark spoilery things* that were happening at the time.  So, I figure my agent had the “I love you the way you are” talk with him the second time they were together, and cherished his gift for what it was the first.


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I read something distressing on the SWTOR forums about Vector. Spoilers for the Imperial Agent story follow.

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I haven’t written it (yet?), but in my head, my Agent and Vector have had a long, largely philosophical discussion about the ethics of her ostensibly Dark Side choice — made pre-Vector, of course — to force a young Joiner to leave the nest and return to her human family on Alderaan. 

As much as my Agent loves her Vector (and I’m using possessive pronouns here to distinguish my storyline from everyone else’s; I think a lot is open to creative interpretation!), she realizes that the Killiks do force people to Join against their will — Vector, for all of his apparent nobility, has actively condoned it (see also: House Cortess) — and that, post-Joining, Killik pheromones and the collective hive-mide suppress free will.  Vector has said repeatedly that he has more independence than most Joiners because he is Dawn Herald… but how much free will is that, really We know he can suppress the pheromonic bond, but only “for a little while,” so it stands to reason that the hive does exert a continuous, if subtle influence on him. 

So, yes.  (Without having played through all of Act III,) I think you can argue that the possibility exists that Vector was Joined against his will, and that he now perceives he wants it because he was made to want it.  I think my Agent will eventually encourage him to face his human past, starting with that holorecording from Anora.  Whatever he does or doesn’t do, she’ll support him: she fell in love with Vector, the Joiner, after all — she has never met the man he was before Alderaan.  (This is the same reason I think he’s fine with events circa Voss.  He knew who she was when he asked her to marry him; he doesn’t need her to change for him.)  At the same time, she can understand why the people who knew and loved him before she did, don’t necessarily trust that he is — as he says — content.

I definitely don’t picture him screaming into the silence of his own mind (the way I picture poor Cipher Nine through most of Act II), but I also don’t think it’s possible for Vector to actively choose the hive until he’s freed from it.  Otherwise, the degree to which the choice is his and his alone will always be at least a little suspect.


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